Building relationships


As a family owned and operated business, we believe that building trust and a lasting relationship with our clients is the foundation to any successful project. Here are just a few of the kind words they have to say about us.


"The most discerning homeowner will be lucky to get them."

We recommend McMillan Works Contracting without reservation. They installed cork floors in our kitchen, teak throughout the main, second, and third floors, put in new windows, designed a wardrobe and two custom ceilings, painted every wall, took a few walls down, finished everything down to the last detail, gave us good advice throughout, and left our house looking absolutely beautiful. And as an added bonus, they were a very nice bunch.
We recommend McMillan Works without reservation. The most discerning homeowner will be lucky to get them.

— Yann Martel

(Yes, that Yann Martel.)

Last September McMillan Works replaced our 30 year old windows, some of which started to rot away. We had specialty blinds, which we wanted to reuse and McMillan Works Contracting were the only installers who would guarantee that they would fit. They were meticulous when coming to measurements and just talking to them you could tell that they really knew what to do. They did an excellent job and we would not hesitate to have them do any future renovations for us or our friends. They are very professional and completely trustworthy. You cannot go wrong hiring McMillan Works. 
Thank you again for doing such a great job.

— Don and Judy Danchilla

"They were meticulous."

Last year I hired McMillan Works to improve the outer facade of our hundred year old house and I've since managed to keep them on a rotating list of home improvements. Not only are they reliable and meticulous, but they are contractors with vision. Somehow my vague descriptions and hand gestures have become a gorgeous closet, perfectly trimmed exteriors, and a clean white basement ceiling.
I trust them implicitly and will continue to rely on their immaculate work for years to come.

— Ashley Spires

"They are contractors with vision."

"We truly are thrilled with the result."

We wanted to take a chance to thank you for all of your efforts and kindnesses throughout our renovation project. 
Theis was the first time either of us had undertaken andy type of renovate, and we were a bit leery give the fact that (a) we didn't have any personal connection to a contractor, and (b) we are both very unsophisticated when it comes to construction matters. As you know, we arbitrarily picked your name (and four others) our of the SK Homebuilders directory, and we ultimately went with our gut on who we could both trust and enjoy work with. And, throughout, you confirmed our initial thinking... in spades.
It was a sincere pleasure working with the three of you and getting to know you. In contrast to the horror stories one often hears about how difficult renovations can be, we actually found the process generally to be quite exciting and enjoyable. And, in our view, that is largely a result of the relationships we built with you three along the way. 
As you know, this the home we plan to raise our kids in. We will be here for many years. And so we are very thankful that you put in the time, energy, and creativity to match the vision that we had for the renovation with the ultimate product. And in many instances, you improved on our vision. We truly are thrilled with the result. At various points, we find ourselves really appreciating things like the awesome floor tile in the downstairs both or the amazing ceiling beams in the main living room or the beautiful railing/posts going upstairs. We could go on and on...
Thanks and all the very best. We look forward to continuing th relationship as we move to our next project.