As a family business, we pay attention to the small details. 

Our commitment to producing high quality craftsmanship begins with our clients. Through them, we build trust and a sense of pride in our work.


At McMillan Works, we build with our clients in mind. Using a whole-system approach to ensure a more sustainable home and future, we modernize older homes while maintaining their original character and style. We work with our clients to find the highest quality, most sustainable solutions to fit within their budget. As a family, we know the importance of not just building a house, but creating a home.


We are a team of dedicated professionals for whom quality, durability and aesthetics are at the heart of everything we do. We work to ensure that we are up to date on the latest changes to the building codes and armed with all of the tools to deliver a first-class result for our clients. We have extensive experience designing and constructing interiors and exteriors, from start to finish for restaurants and offices.